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It’s advised your baby sleeps in the same room as you for their first six months, so we’ve designed a Moses basket, as well as a cot bed for them to grow into.

1. Moses basket or crib
2. Cot mattress
3. Up to four fitted sheets
4. Waterproof mattress protector
5. Sleeping bag 1.0 tog or 2.5 tog
6. Up to 4 swaddling blankets
7. Room thermometer
8. Baby monitor


These products will help baby enjoy a relaxed, safe splash in the tub. It’ll soon be the most enjoyable part of their nightly routine.

1. Hooded baby towels
2. Baby bath or bath support
3. Changing mat
4. Toiletries
5. Baby brush or comb
6. Baby wipes
7. Nail scissors or clippers
8. Nappies, nappy pail & sacks
9. Bath thermometer


Don’t forget something to keep your little one entertained and stimulated, and a cuddly companion for when you’re on the move

1. Toys for newborns
2. Baby gym
3. Play mat
4. Cot mobile


We know how tempting it is to purchase every cute outfit you see, but we recommend stocking up on these basics first, so you’ve got those multiple-changes-a-day covered

1. 7 X Bodysuits
2. 7 X Sleepsuits
3. 2 X Cardigans
4. Socks
5. Hats
6. Bibs
7. Rompers
8. Scratch Mitts
9. Booties


We know you’ll be spending a lot of time nursing a hungry baby, so whichever method you choose, it’s worth investing in the right kit


1. Muslin squares
2. Nursing bras
3. Breast pads
4. Nipple protectors


1. Muslin squares
2. Bottles and teats
3. Steriliser
4. Bottle warmer
5. Bottle brush


Whether tucked up in a pram under a cashmere blanket, or held close to you in a sling, find the most comfortable way to introduce the world to your little one

1. Pram blanket
2. Infant carrier/car seat
3. Pram or pushchair
4. Baby carrier or sling
5. Pram parasol
6. Pram rain cover
7. Travel cot or moses basket
8. Sun shades for use in car
9. Changing bag